we are installing a new electric water heater, in a home addition. We have a sub panel, installed by the electrician who started the project, with the breaker ready to go. All we need to do to complete the job is to run the wire, and put in the shut-off switch near the water heater.

It seems that we will need 10 awg wire. (correct?)

My questions are.....

Do we just run regular 10awg wire in the ceiling, and then as we drop down the wall in the unfinished basement, we put it into pvc or metal conduit?

I understand that the water heater needs a shutoff on the circuit near the heater.

My big question is...how do we terminate this wiring in prep for the water heater? We will probably have a plumber install the heater (because they are heavy!) although all the pumbing is ready to go, so it will be quick. I am not clear on what we need to leave the plumber in order for him to hook up the heater when he arrives. Do we just wire to the switch, and then the heater comes with wire to the other side of the switch? Or do we need to provide wire to the heater too?

This will be inspected, and we are working under a permit.

Thank you!!