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    Default Seeking advise on tread nosing

    Why does a stair tread require a nosing...lets say the tread meets code for run requirements. why is a nosing usually put on---is it mainly for aesthetics...I'm just curious about the history of stair building...

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    Default Re: Seeking advise on tread nosing

    Yes,it's probably for esthetics. Stair treds would look unfinished without the nosing. You could call it the molding for treads, I guess. If you're really interested in researching the history of stairbuilding, I'd suggest you start using Google on the web. It should get you enough to read for a while.

    Good Luck.

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    Default Re: Seeking advise on tread nosing

    it has to be for aesthetics. i thought about it for a few minutes and thought, maybe it has something to do with safety, so you don't catch the front of your shoe on the edge, so that if you fall down a flight of stairs it doesn't injure you as bad, but then i started thinking about brick stairs, granite stairs, metal stairs, they all have sharp edges and if you fall on those you'd be alot more sore then falling down a flight of wooden stairs in a house (i happen to be an expert in that field so you can rest assured that the harder the stairs, the more painful the fall). so the only other thing i can think of besides aesthetics is that if the edge of the wooden stair was sharp, there's a much greater possibility of damaging the step and splintering the wood than if it was rounded over. i hope that helps you out a little, at least.


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