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    Default Furnace relay / new thermostat

    Just purchased an HAI Omnistat2 thermostat. Here is my problem.

    I can hook up the old thermostat and everything works fine. When I hook up the omnistat, when I raise the heat, I hear the boiler relay kick in, but immediately closes. I have tried a lot, even returning it for a new one, but with the same outcome. I have the red wire going to rh, and the white wire going to w1. Down at the boiler, the red wire goes directly to the compartment where the electrical wire heads to.

    Any advice? Very frustrated, and very cold.

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    Default Re: Furnace relay / new thermostat

    I just took a quick look ****** and after keywording, HAI Omnistat2 thermostat, info for heat pumps came up. According to your post you have a boiler not a Heat pump, I don't know if there is another model no. for your stat or not, you should check and repost

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