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    Default Disconnecing Knob & Tube Wiring

    Is it possible to terminate knob and tube wiring that is in the wall(original light fixtures were removed by former owner of the house)by enclosing it into a 'box' that is located on the back of the wall where the wires run? Apologize for the vague description. I have had some electrical work in my house and have seen these termination boxes in various places. Since the wires are inside the wall, the electrician would need alot of time to find them, and I just can't afford several hours of his time. I assume that if he punched a hole in the opposite side of the wall where the wires are (inside a closet, so its easy access), and enclosed them in one of those termination boxes, it would be an acceptable thing to do. I think its a better solution than closing the wires into the wall...

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    Default Re: Disconnecing Knob & Tube Wiring

    ***, what a great question! The Code says all connections must be done in an approved, accessible box.

    But, if the box is accessible it must be located on the face of the wall and have a cover. Something you probably would not like.

    So, the other solution would be to disconnect the feed in the attic and simply remove the old wires. This can be very time consuming and if the wire from the attic feeds boxes you want to keep energized, do you tear it out also?

    In my opinion your electrician is probably doing the right, practical thing, but if an inspector saw it, it would not pass.

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