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    Question jacuzzi tub installation

    Hi TOH, I'm having a problem figuring out how to frame around a drop in jacuzzi tub and tile all around it and still have access to the pumps and heater unit. do you have any clever ideas?

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    Default Re: jacuzzi tub installation

    pretty complex job you have on your hands. measure the height of the bottom lip of the tub. frame your wall to that height minus the thickness of the tile, minus 1/2" for the cementboard/hardibacker, minus 1/8" for the mastik. as for the access panel, you can install a tiled removable panel and there's about 5-10 different ways to do that and also about 5-10 diferent ways to install grout so that it's not attached to the tile next to it but so that it looks like the joint is grouted.

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