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    Default How to clean Solartubes

    We have two 10" Solartubes in our vaulted ceiling in the living room, placed at about 13'. Over the years, a bit of dust and a few dead insects have accumulated on the downward facing part of the lens and are apparent during the daylight hours.
    What would be removed and how would it be removed to get the lenses dust and bug free again?

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    Default Re: How to clean Solartubes

    I can't speak for all solar tubes, however on the SolaTube brand the lens is a twist lock like that of a common jar lid. I would think that all solar tubes have a similar feature or possibly a clip or screw that once removed allows the lens to be removed for cleaning. Just make sure your ladder is tall and stable enough to safely reach.

    If you know the brand of solar tube you can probably find the cleaning and maintenance instructions on the manufacturers website.
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