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    Default Removing blow-in insulation

    A previous owner put loose cellulose insulation in my attic, about 6-8" deep everywhere. Good for keeping the heat in.

    Bad because I need to remove the insulation in order to rewire the attic, and gain access to the old K&T wiring.

    Any suggestions on how to remove the insulation? So far, I am thinking garbage bags... I don't think I can fit a shop vac up in the attic, and it would fill up instantly anyway.


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    Default Re: Removing blow-in insulation

    Yep, garbage bags will work. Then and again you could just move it over to one side away from where you're working , then spread back over that area -- repeat the process in other areas.
    No sense getting rid of the insulation you might as well reuse it.
    Also, you might consider adding at least another 8 inches after you're done rewiring --- you'll be glad you did.
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    Default Re: Removing blow-in insulation

    Howdy, when you move it - sure is dusty. Wear a good respirator not a dust mask.

    A plastic rake works great again just make paths for you and the wiring and then rake it back. As Always Canuk offering the best advice to install at least 8 more inches on top getting R45. I would add enough to get R65 plus 5% for settling. This one time job will reduce heating and cooling costs for the life of the home. Be sure not to block any soffit vents when you add it. Be sure to pull an electrical permit so you have it pass inspection before you cover the wire up. This will keep you from having to expose it all if later an inspection is required. And safe from future fire risks. Not to mention law suits from future owners as suing seems like our national past time...

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