I recently had an energy audit done on my home. Its a 1550 sq ft, brick cape cod, built circa 1945 in a suburb of Buffalo, NY. I had a company come in and do a free energy audit. They've recommended super insulating the whole house. They want to fill my walls from the interior, put another 15" of insulation in my attic floor, air seal the basement, and insulate in a few other odd ball area that do not have any insulation currently.

I'm just wondering if anyone has had it done before? The total project is going to come out to around $6300. Is it worth the money to have it done? They advised me against replacing my windows and told me I could just as easily caulk around them and get some weather stripping to help make them more energy efficient. They are the original wooden windows installed when the house was built (21 total). Is it best to get more than one price quote from this type of company?

Any advise or experiences would be appreciated.