I have a water line for outside use, hoses, etc. It comes from underneath my house (crawlspace) and out the brick foundation to under my deck. There's a shut off valve where it comes out from under the house. At that point, the piping changes from metal to PVC. For the last four years, it has burst in the winter.

Now I'm in Virginia, southern Virginia and it's really not that cold here. Every year, I turn the water off at the above mentioned cut off valve, open the faucets at either end. The entire thing is wrapped in pipe insulation. And it still cracks and leaks. Every spring I cut out the bad section, replace it. The whole thing is practically couplings now.

I'm sick of it. I want to replace the PVC with something else. It's half inch white PVC. I can do basic plumbing, but does use of the metal involve welding or anything special? Any tips, hints, suggestions?

I think I'll have to use a sling or two to support it because the entire span of the pipe goes about 15 feet with faucets on either end.

Will I need to replace the metal section that was connected to the PVC? I imagine that some sort of glue was used. Is it feasible to reuse it, the faucets, as well?

Thanks in advance for your help.