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    Default Stair step edging/cap?

    I am putting 12X12 marble tile in the entry to my home. From the entry way there is a single step down into the living room.
    I was thinking of matching the oak on the living room floor, nosing the edge of the step and butting the tile up to that, notching the nose enough to overhang the subfloor.
    Except for aesthetic considerations, is the width of that step nose arbitrary as long as it is firmly anchored to the subfloor? I thought perhaps a two to four inch piece of oak for a stairstep look.
    Or should I cut the subfloor back to the next floor joist and shape a piece of dimensioned oak lumber to act as both the subfloor and the nose, notched to cradle the concrete board underlayment and the marble?
    And thanks for any help anybody can offer.
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    Default Re: Stair step edging/cap?

    What you're describing sounds like it may look a little odd. If your foyer has marble, you should probably keep it all marble, including the nosing, going into the living room. Run the oak riser from the living room up under the nosing from the foyer. That way you'll have a logical break in surface finishes instead of mixing them up. It'll look more finished that way.

    Good Luck.

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    Default Re: Stair step edging/cap?

    What you want to do can and is done quite often. Not all stairs have nosing. The main thing is the the nose has to be strong enough and anchored well enough that standing on the front edge is not going to cause the back edge to lift especially with the marble butted against it.
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