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    Default Wood trim around exposed brick chimney?

    My husband is replacing 12 inch molding around our Victorian kitchen. The brick back of a fireplace/chimney is in the room. He wants to put trim around it, I say no (esthetics) but it does need something. Right now, black/cream vinyl tile meets brick. Suggestions?

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    Default Re: Wood trim around exposed brick chimney?

    I am looking at the same issue. Personally, I want to just use joint compound to fill in small gaps between wall and brick and texture very slightly like old plaster. Then I will paint the wall and leave the natural brick. At this point, I have a pretty big gap between the wall and the brick. Not sure if I will use plaster or pieces of dryway or what. But I do know how I want it to look when finished. Hope all has been going well! Karen

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    Default Re: Wood trim around exposed brick chimney?

    Not sure if you're talking about the floor, ceiling, or what... Sounds like the floor...??

    I assume you simply put the moldings in place and didn't like what you saw. Have you tried a simple qtr round, or some toe moldings that you might see placed a the bottom of a baseboard?

    I have crown above my fireplace, and cove moldings on the sides to deal with plaster meeting the side brick. It looks perfectly fine.

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