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Thread: Basement walls

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    Question Basement walls

    We want to finish our basement but are worried about moisture forming behind the walls against the concrete. Our basement has been dry since we built the house in 2002. We are wondering about condensation forming behind insulation panels or drywall and studs. Should we be worried and what can we do to keep it from happening?

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    Wink Re: Basement walls

    There is a product for this situation, it is called Dry-loc cement paint. You have to take your time putting it on to get into all the porous openings in the block. Then you could put 4mil. visquine (plastic) on the walls then put up your studding and you should be ok. Since you said the walls were dry anyway this should work well. I've seen dry-loc powder actually plug running water coming through the block!! Good luck.


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    Default Re: Basement walls

    i semi-agree with calcats.....there's two separate issues here.....#1 being condensation and #2 being water coming through the foundation. the route that i would take is dryloc to seal the foundation walls and prevent any water from seeping through the foundation from the outside. even if the walls are sealed, condensation can easily form on the inside foundation walls right on top of the dryloc paint. so look at it this way, dryloc to stop water seepage... and now we'll address the condensation problem. to prevent condensation on the foundation walls, the best route to take is to lay a plastic vapor barrier over the foundation walls, erect a 2x4 stud wall, insulate the stud wall as if it was an exterior wall, then finish off with sheetrock or whatever you choose. now that the heated interior space of the basement is sealed off from the colder space between the stud wall and the foundation with insulation and plastic, the chances of condensation forming are lowered dramitically. hope that helps.


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