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    Thank u for all the info.OK,I misread or did not clarify the info in my about tripping gfci.The old condition that existed was very bad.I tried to do this at a reasonable cost.I realize that 12 should have been run.I'm stuck now,induldge me, as posted,my original plan was to break the circuit,using two gfci's,and then use the two different runs on the load sides,hard wired.I'm using plug ends now,(industrial 3 prong plugs on the end of the romex), only as a temp condition,pluging into the existing one gfci that's there.testing my work as I move along.As was posted,one main feed,for 2 gfci's controlled by 2 switches. if I limit the load wattage,that's on the 2 different runs,still using the 14,will that help??I have the longer run working now.all the connections are now above ground in waterproof boxes.and are more than 4 ft from water.thanks
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