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    Question Remove Vinyl Flooring from Walls in Kitchen

    We bought a house that has vinyl flooring on the walls in the kitchen and we want to remove it or cover it (hopefully without having to remove the kitchen cabinets and counters, since they're really nice). One thought I had was to buy panels and lay over top with a really strong glue, but there are some parts of the wall where the vinyl is peeling up. I'm not sure what's underneath the vinyl. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Remove Vinyl Flooring from Walls in Kitchen

    I believe one way to remove the vinyl material from the wall is to reheat the glue on the back of the vinyl. Try using an ordinary household iron. Put a piece of cloth such as an old thin bedsheet or whatever over an area and then run the iron over it. After some time it should loosen up and you should be able to remove it(pry it up) with a sc****r. If that does not work, perhaps just nail some thin wood wall board over the wall and then put up your wallpaper or whatever. That would deal with any peeling up vinyl. But I think the ironing should work.

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