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Thread: AC won't work!

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    Default AC won't work!

    I just moved into my home a few months ago and the AC blows air but it doesn't cool it at all. So basically it is a fan that blows the hot air around. I had a HVAC inspector come out and do a general inspection on the unit and he found that there was no freeon (spelling?) in the unit. Since the house was vacant for a long time he said this did not surprise him so he simply added freeon at no charge and sure enough the cold air magically started flowing!

    However 2 days later I tried the unit and guess what...no cold air! I called the guy back and he said that I must have a leak and I would need to call a technician to come out and look at it. He was only an inspector. Any idea on what this will cost me?

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    Default Re: AC won't work!

    There is no way to know . It could be something as simple as a leaking service valve , or it could be a leaking coil . That would be very expensive to repair or replace . You're going to have to bite the bullet and call a service tech .

    Is there any chance that you would have a home warranty ?

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    The inspector shouldn't have been surprized since having to add refridgerant means there was always a leak.
    Come to think of it , what's an HVAC inspector? I've always had a HVAC contractor perform inspections.

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