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    Default problem with new boiler

    In October we had a new boiler installed. It only goes up 2 degrees an hour. No One seems to know what's wrong our how to fix it. Any suggestions? fcumc02155@Yahoo.com

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    Default Re: problem with new boiler

    The cause could be any of a number of things---could you provide more info as to the type of system--radiators, baseboard, sub-floor radiant tubing, etc.--do you have the brand & model # of the new boiler---the model & model # of the circulator(pump)---the total square footage of the space to be heated.

    Was the old boiler a large one that held a lot of water???

    First check the gauge on the boiler---it should read 160-180 degrees when the boiler is heating up after 15 minutes or so (near the end of cycle) if you have radiators or baseboard.

    If you have radiators, put your hand on them after the boiler has been running for a while---they should be too hot to touch---also try the incoming pipes if you have baseboard to see if they are too hot to touch.

    What have the new installers had to say as to what they suspect is the problem???
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