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    Smile Hydrolevel Water Feeder

    I just received estimate from heating plumber to repipe my boiler. It was not piped according to manufactuer specs (Burnham Boiler), as a result I am getting water hammer, water up in one pipe system and water coming out of main vents in cellar. When he gave me estimate he wants to replace my existing mc donnell water feeder and replace with Hydrolevel Water Feeder. I was wondering if anyone is familiar with this water feeder? Should I replace? Plumber did not mention it when he came to inspect. I have had the existing water feeder for approx. 10 years when boiler was replaced.

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    Default Re: Hydrolevel Water Feeder

    The hydrolevel is a better feeder because it has an led which counts the gallons put into the system, which allows you to be more aware of issues. It also has a time delay to allow condensate to return to the boiler before filling. Lastly it has an over fill feature which allows you to add extra water every fill. The counter is great because it lets you know that if your boiler is adding 40 gallons a month you have an issue.

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