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    Smile Entrance Leaf Door Sticks

    This is brownstone in New York, with main entrance leaf doors (one stationery other opens and close). On the operating door a closer is attached, also has a buzzer system. The past month or so the door stop closing completely. I have tryed increasing LCN tension on door up to 4 (door comes close but does not close). I have also had a carpenter check door he tighted hinges, shaved top portion of door where door sticks. It did not help. I can say there seem to be a slight gap towards top of door. Is there anything else that can be done?

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    Default Re: Entrance Leaf Door Sticks

    I'd take a really hard look at the whole door as it fits in the jamb to make sure it's not hitting someplace. Doors should have 1/16 to 3/32" of clearance around the door, when it's closed. If you don't have the clearance, you may have identified the problem.

    You say that you adjusted the closer. You don't indicate which type of closer you have. Is it a light duty, residential model or is it a commercial grade model. Commercial grade closers have two settings that you can adjust. One is for closing speed/strength and a second setting for latch strength. It shuts the door that last lilttle bit, to make the latch fit into the strike plate. You adjust them both with an Allen screw on top of the closer. It could be that your closer is just old and has run out of strength and you need a new one.

    Some things to look at anyway.

    Good Luck.

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