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    Red face Painting over *painted* wallpaper?

    We're just about to move into a beautiful Victorian home that has an unfortunate color scheme in the bedroom - all four walls are painted a different dark, muddy 70s color. Even worse, it's painted over wallpaper!

    We want to paint the walls a warm white. Since we're renting the house, we don't want to invest too much time or money in this project, but I do want the walls to look as beautiful as the rest of the house and I can't stand those colors.

    Is there any way to paint over already painted wallpaper that will actually lead to a nice looking result? Especially considering it will be white over dark colors? Help!

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    Default Re: Painting over *painted* wallpaper?


    The fact that the wallpaper is still on the wall after having been painted indicates that you can probably continue to paint it without much problem. You can paint it pretty much as you would a normally painted wall, including patching minor flaws. You might possibly have a few bubbles arise, but I would not panic, they will probably go back down.

    A victorian house will undoubtably have plaster walls. Wallpaper normally comes off plaster walls with not too much effort. Indeed, a good sharp 2 1/2 flexible knife can often strip the paper off dry, leaving only the paste to be washed off. But as a renter, I can see why you would not want to invest the effort.

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