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    Default Difference between sewage and sump pump

    Hi, I know a sump pump can't be used for sewage but can a sewage pump be used in a ground water sump? I've researched some pumps (Flotec, RIGID, etc.) and it looks like the 1/2 hp sump pumps move around 4000-5000 gph whereas 1/2 hp sewage pumps move around 9000 gph. Seems like twice the capacity without twice the cost. Using 2" pipe is not an issue and I need the capacity - my current 1/2 hp pump is not keeping up at all.

    Is there something about the sewage pumps that make them undesireable for ground water application? Perhaps the length of time that sump pumps may be required to run? When it gets bad my sump pump has run for 2 days or more.

    Thanks, Dave

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    Default Re: Difference between sewage and sump pump

    Will work for moving ground water. The only thing is if you have enough room in your sump pit. Sewage pumps are larger and have a much bigger float check it out before buying.

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