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    Default Mahogany vs. Ipe

    I'm considering building a deck out of Ipe due to its durability. However it's expensive. What about mahogany? You don't mention it in your article on decking material. Is it durable? Pros and cons?

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    Default Re: Mahogany vs. Ipe

    You could use Mahogany if you wanted but I don't know that you'd save much $$ instead of buying Ipe. You might consider cypress, cedar, or redwood if you're looking for weatherproof. If you have a REALLY big budget, you could always consider teak but it'll cost you.

    On TOH the other day, they were building a deck in Austin, TX. Instead of using Ipe, they used a synthetic that looked reasonably like Ipe. I didn't catch the brand name but the guy who was talking to Norm about it, had a TREX shirt on. It may have been TREX. You might want to do a little research on TREX though. I've been reading about some suits against them because the materials were breaking down.

    Good Luck.

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