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Thread: Gunk in water

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    Our house is only 5 years old, however in our upstairs shower it constantly clogs due to what looks like a lim deposit (light green hard material). What can I do to resolve this issue. It is frstrating and decreases water pressure tremendously. This does not happen anywhere else in the house.

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    What is probably happening is lime and calcium deposits are
    blocking your water supply pipes, particularly the hot water lines. This condition is called hard water and will eventually
    impair the water flow in all of your water pipes and fixtures
    A quick fix for your shower head is to remove the head and soak it in vinegar or CLR for a few hours, which may soften the green scale enough for it to be flushed out by water pressure
    I suggest you purchase a water softener to prevent more blockages in the future
    Hope this helps!

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