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    Default wallpaper paneling

    Severalyears ago we put up wallpaper paneling and
    now I would like to paint over the paneling. Can I do that or will I have to take the paneling off
    and repair the walls to paint directly.. If I can paint over the paneling what is the procecss to do so?

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    Default Re: wallpaper paneling


    You certainly can paint over this type of paneling. You should first prime the paneling with a water based primer such as "Gripper" by Glidden or Behr's No.75 to assure good adhesion. The primer can be tinted toward the finish color. When you paint over the paneling, however, the existing seams will become more prominent. I would tape over the seams with a fiberglass tape and give them a couple coats of drywall compound, feathering out the compound to minimize its presence.

    Depending on what you applied the paneling over, it might be no more work to go back to the existing substrate.

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