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    Default Floor for my new workshop???

    I'm going to build me a seperate little wood workshop this spring. Its will only be a 20x16 but I need to get off the concrete floor in my garage. Aches,pains, age are getting to me. This will be where I keep all my woodworking tools. I'm going with tongue/grove osb 3/4" and thought about just leaving that as the floor unfinished but I can see even more splinters if I pick something up. If I paint, it will be easy to clean but slick. I thought about a hardwoodflooring. I dont have a huge budget but I want something I'm going to be happy with. Anyone have any thoughts, ideas?

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    Default Re: Floor for my new workshop???

    I have a 20 x 24 workshop on the back end of the garage. I put a crawlspace under it with a crock & pump and used 3/4" t&g plywood for the floor on top of the joists. I have left the plywood uncovered and there have been no issues. If I was doing it now I would probably use Advantech or something similar rather than just regular plywood. I don't have any moisture problems on tools and stuff like I used to at the other place where my shop was in the garage with the cement floor. Only exception is in one corner where I have my coal stoker for heat and I put cement board on the floor around it to catch any embers.

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    Default Re: Floor for my new workshop???

    personally i would avoid avantech as if memory serves correct its osb i cant keep track of all the names the plywood companys keep calling osb t&g floor ply seems it changes every 6 months

    real plywood holds up much better it doesnt stay swollen when it gets wet. and if you decide to put down hardwood later on the plywood will hold the staples far better than osb
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