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    Default Low water pressure with 30-50 psi well pump switch

    Another low water pressure question. The problem has existed since living here (6 yrs), but I'm prompted to fix it after watching Rich T. address low water pressure numerous times. I have a well, water softener, and whole-house carbon filter. The pressure switch is 30/50. We get reasonable pressure at some locations, but not others. Kitchen sink is low (won't even let the faucet stay on the "spray" setting). One shower is low. Outside faucets are low. One plumber said I need to re-pipe the water softener and filter bypass loop from 3/4 to 1" pipe and valves - $500. I've seen Rich do pumps and other things, but never have to re-plumb to bigger pipes. Before I do that, I want to have confidence it would make a difference.
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    Default Re: Low water pressure with 30-50 psi well pump switch

    If you have good pressure at some locations and poor at others it sounds like a piping problem.
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    Default Re: Low water pressure with 30-50 psi well pump switch

    The stops under the sink are a common location for blockages. You may want to dismantle and clean or replace them.
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    Default Re: Low water pressure with 30-50 psi well pump switch


    The pics are appreciated and potentially helpful.....but in this instance......with the symptoms you describe.....there is still too much unknown to say with certainty exactly what goes on.

    For instance - Low pressure/flow at some fixtures and not others may be related to whether or not everything inside the house is flowing thru the softener. If your softener media is slugged, this might/could explain some of that. So could smaller branch feeds to those particular fixtures.....including the outside faucet/sillcock....which normally would not pass thru the softener.

    It's just impossible to say exactly what the cause(s) is/might be without being on site and seeing all the particulars.

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