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    Default Roofer or chimney sweep?

    A large crow was bouncing on my large chimney cap recently and knocked some of the mesh wiring off the cap. This in turn resulted in a bat flying down and coming out a heater vent in my basement. Now, I am debating whether to call a chimney sweep or a roofer to fix the cap and/or install a new chimney cap-roof-top damper combo because my wood-burning fireplace, which I've never used, does not have a damper. The flu, which I had inspected before, is just stuffed with insulation and a board. Do roofers do this work or do chimney sweeps and if so how would you protect yourself from scammers if you are not on the roof too and cannot see the problem yourself? Thank you.

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    Default Re: Roofer or chimney sweep?

    A certified fireplace contractor would be the better choice since they specialize in this field. Here in Canada contractors Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc. (WETT Inc.) certified are recognized by insurance companies and municipalities , not sure what ( if any ) the equivalent would be in the US.
    As for getting scammed , well that's a different topic , but start with checking references and the Better Business Bureau. Typically certified contractors are less likely to be scammers since they have to invest time and money becoming certified to risk losing all that and their reputation ( which is their livelihood ).
    Of course there's no guarantees in life unfortunately.

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