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    Default Patching Plaster

    Approx the bottom half of a 5 x 12 palster wall has to be repaired/replaced. The thickness between the lathe and the top coat ranges from just a hair under 1/4" to a hair over 3/8". A recent patch job i did with drywall revealed the same problem and it took a week to blend properly. Am I better off cutting the lathe out to reveal the studs and drywalling over that? If so, would I use furring strips of some kind to get the proper depth?
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    Default Re: Patching Plaster

    Instead of trying to patch up my old plaster walls, I just hung 1/4" drywall on top using construction adhesive and screws long enough to anchor into the lathe and studs behind! Probably not the best solution but certainly the easiest in my case because the wall was only 10x8.

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