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    Default White or Wood? I'm confused!!!

    This may seem like a silly question. Our interior doors in our new home are stained woodgrain using Minwax ****en Pecan. We began doing the floor moulding and are using 1x6 run through a router with a 3/4 round bit and painted glossy white. When it comes time to do the trim around the doors, should we be using a stained wood moulding to match the doors, or white moulding to match the floor moulding? We also have an archway leading to our dining room- this is stained brown. Thank you in advance for your advice!!

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    Default Re: White or Wood? I'm confused!!!

    What you're asking is really a personal choice thing. What will make you the happiest when you look at the overall rooms? Paint or Stained trim. Not that it's important but if it were me, I'd probably paint the trim since you're painting the baseboard.

    But that's just me. Good Luck.

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