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    Question Lining up Siding on Outside Corners

    When installing siding, I've read to mark the lowest point of the house, snap a chalk line, etc. My question is, my mudroom at the rear of my house has walls that go to the ground, but on the left side of my house the wall only goes down to the top of the basement windows (about a foot and a half from the ground). How can I be sure the siding panels will line up when I reach the outside corner adjoining the mudroom and basement window walls?
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    Default Re: Lining up Siding on Outside Corners

    1- Mark the correct height at the side with the windows.

    2- transfer that height mark to the beginning side

    3- work up to that height from the beginning side, so you hit the mark you need for the window side.

    4- a self-leveling rotary laser or a transit will make accurate measurements a lot easier.

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