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    Default Can you please help our Utah house find its style?

    This is my first post here and I'm sure hoping someone can help. My house is located in Utah and we've been told it was built in 1910. Previous owners have remodeled all the charm out of it. We'd like to give our home some style, we're just not sure what to give it!

    This is the earliest picture I've been able to find. The second one shows additions on additions. Thanks for any clues you may have...our house is waiting patiently to get all gussied up


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    Default Re: Can you please help our Utah house find its style?

    Yes, that addition didn't do it any favors, appearance-wise, though it added space. The best place to start is with a good architect who's used to working with older homes.

    You can also submit it as a candidate for a Photoshop Redo in This Old House magazine. Submit a straight-on photo from the front along with what you have here to Can't guarantee you'll be selected, but you might get lucky and get some good ideas at least.

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    Default Re: Can you please help our Utah house find its style?

    It's an ell-shaped single-story cottage with one or more decorative gables and a wrap-around porch (semi-enclosed subsequently). It's basically a plain, traditional structure built at the tail end of the Victorian period, so its minimal decoration reflects that time period. The most unusual element is the hipped corner; a side-facing gable would be more expected, but maybe it's a western thing; my areas of experience are east and deep south.
    What's with that addition on the back? Seems high.
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