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    Question Electrical shortage


    I had an over the stove microwave installed 2.5 years ago and the installer added an electrical outlet to my kitchen to pwr the microwave. I am not sure how he wired it but I think he wired it to another outlet in the kitchen. I recently had a problem with the microwave shutting down before the time set on the microwave was completed. The microwave would go completely dead and then after a few minutes would turn back on. I checked the outlet and there was no electricity. I checked another outlet on the same wall to the right of the microwave and there is no electricity their either. I ran an extension cord from the microwave to a GFI outlet and the microwave works fine. I check the breakers and cannot find one that is tripped. I replaced the outlet to the microwave and still no electricity. How would I go about finding the problem with these 2 outlets?


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