We own a condo in what used to be a corset and hat factory. The building was built in the 1800's and when it was repurposed a few years ago, the developers opted to stay true to the factory roots. We love the exposed brick walls, the old wood beams, exposed ceilings and original floors. The only problem is the noise coming from the people above us. There is no soundproofing material between our ceiling and their hardwood floors. We hear EVERYTHING, and our sleep has suffered. We want to do something to our bedroom ceiling to reduce footfall, TV and conversation noise enough to be able to sleep at night. I have no problem doing the work myself (as keeping the cost down is very important), but there seems to be a lot of methods and products out there and I don't want to spend time and money on something that will be ineffective. It doesn't need to be absolutely dead silent, but currently I can hear the guy clear his throat, going to the bathroom, rummaging through drawers etc. His phone conversations sound like he is in the room with us. Anyway, where do I begin? I've included pictures that show the ceiling in its current state.