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    Default Cleaning stained granite countertops

    I have light colored granite countertops with a few coffee stains I would like to remove. Any suggestions? Commercial cleaners seem quite ineffective. I know TOH ran a nice article on it some time back, but I am unable to locate that particular issue.

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    Default Re: Cleaning stained granite countertops

    I have seen some very interesting techniques that essentially will pull impurities out of the open pours of the stone. The issue here is knowing when to take the cleaner off.

    If you were to use any of the techniques I would do it first in an area that is not seen. This test run will give you a sense of how long and what effect the cleaning agent has on the particular stone you have.

    Basically i have seen a putty like compound that when mixed together and placed on the countertop cleans out any impurities but Like i said before this can appear to change the color of the stone when in fact it is cleaning it in that area and could seam to discolor it.

    I suggest caution
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