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    Question need new hot water heater

    Plumbing Question:need a new water heater: should it be oil, propane, or electric Full Description:HI. I currently have a hot water heater that is approximately 25 years old (50 gallon Ford with an oil burner) that came with the house when it was built around 1984 or 85. Hot water heaters are "suppose to last no more than 10-15 years at best. I am pushing it at 25 so do I replace it with another water heater fired by oil, propane, or electric. The quotes I am receiving for an oil burner hot water heater replacement are very high ($4000 installed). I have seen tankless hot water heaters but am concerned that it might take some time before you get hot water from them. They are also coming in at around $4000. When I look at Sears, Home Depot, etc. they have hot water heaters using electric or propane that cost under $1000 and have guarantees up to 10 years. Any suggestions? E-mail

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    Default Re: need new hot water heater

    What type of heating system do you have??

    If you have forced hot water, an indirect hot water heater is recommended---otherwise, check out the recommendations at the site below.

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