We rent a two-story home with a flat roof - this winter the rear gutters clogged with ice, then ice built up on the roof, then water started to seep, then pour, into the rear bedroom, first through cracks in the rear brick wall, then through the cieling. We need your help!

The owners made a quick fix by clearing the ice from the gutters. This stopped the water until the next snowstorm, when ice built up again and the water came back, flooding our bedroom. They say there is no way to repair the roof until the ice clears in springtime, and that all that can be done until then is to periodically remove the ice and hope for the best.

Is this true?

Are there any materials and methods we can use to patch the roof, or to cover the edge so it's protected from seepage? Are there contractors who can deal with this kind of problem? Even a temporary fix would be a great help, otherwise we face flooding all winter long.

Help us please!