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    Default Install washer drain joining PVC to Copper

    New here so hello!
    I'll be starting a bathroom renovation a few (or several) months from now so I'm starting to do my homework now.
    One of the first things I will be doing is moving a washer/dryer to an area outside the bathroom. So I'll be running the washing machine drain to the bathroom sink drain on the other side of the wall.

    My house has copper drain pipes upstairs that join cast iron downstairs.

    My question is regarding joining the PVC washer drain pipe to the copper drain pipe.

    Please comment and correct me but here is what I was thinking I'd need to do.

    Remove a portion of the copper drain pipe near the bathroom sink. Insert a PVC Y-joint. Join the top and bottom of the PVC Y-joint to the copper drain using couplings like the Fernco Proflex. Then join the PVC drain from the washer to the Y-joint.
    My main concern is joining the copper to the PVC Y with the couplings. Am I getting this correct?


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    Default Re: Install washer drain joining PVC to Copper

    they make a coupling for PVC to copper, you can get them at any plumbing supply and i know home depot sells them too.

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    Default Re: Install washer drain joining PVC to Copper

    dont forget the p-trap,standpipe and stay within 10 feet of the vent.

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