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    Default Hardwire cabinet puck lights

    I am going to be installing under mount cabinet lights and want to hard wire them vs. plugging them into an outlet. The puck lighting comes with a transformer and a 2 prong plug. Can I cut the cord, run it thought the wall through conduit and hook it directly to a switch or attach it to traditional wiring in a junction box, which will be attached to a switch? By the way, these will be used in a kitchen so water will be present. Below is a link to the catalog for lighting that I am going to use. My concern is that I am used to connecting the conduit to the box to create a full system ground but without a ground wire in the 2 circuit plug, do I still have a safe and grounded system?

    Thanks so much!

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    Default Re: Hardwire cabinet puck lights

    Is there a way to install a switched receptacle inside the back of a cabinet?

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    Default Re: Hardwire cabinet puck lights

    You'll need to find out a few things particular to your fair city;

    What is the maximum allowed voltage for exposed wiring? (most cities its 12v and the wire after the transformer is OK)

    Can the transformer be placed in a cabinet? (Most times we locate them behind a drawer in the lower cabinet, in the back of an upper cabinet is choice B)

    Can the lead wires be extended to the puck lights from the transformer?

    When retro-fitting such lights, we run a hot wire to a switch. From that switch we run a wire to a new junction box where we install an outlet. The transformer gets plugged into the outlet. The leads head to the puck lights from there. It depends on the layout of your kitchen and the amount of work you want to do.

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