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    Default non yellowing protection

    i would like some suggestions for non-yellowing, clear protection over newly stained doors, trim work and molding. Applied stain is oil based.

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    Default Re: non yellowing protection

    Hi JDR!

    Since your stain is Oil, Oil topcoatS are best. HOWEVER...Oil-based finishes, like Polyurethanes, are amber to start with. You "can" use a clear Water-based Poly on top, but the Oil stain must be COMPLETELY dried through....usually about a week.

    You'll tend to get more grain-swelling when using water-based finishes, and you have to apply more coats than oil-based poly's.

    Sikkens has some good water-base poly's, as does Zar. FPE on the high-end of things, has some awesome finishes in Oil.


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