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    Default Basement Finishing - 1st Step

    We're planning on finishing our basement...going to attempt it myself. Right now its a slab floor with block walls that are have batts and blanket type insulation nailed on (this is how it was when we moved in). There is also a french drain. The basement is dry - we've never had any issue with water, and I've never even heard the sump pump go on (though i've confirmed it works). Occasionally after a rain event, however, the blocks on the wall do turn dark.

    My plan is to seal the french drain (using PVC and grout), and then frame the walls as normal. Does anyone have any experience with this? Are there any potential problems with this? Also - should I go through the process of pulling the insulation off to put some sort of water-proofing on the block walls before I begin to frame?

    Any advice would be appreciated...thanks!

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    Default Re: Basement Finishing - 1st Step

    If the walls are darkening I suspect moisture is starting to saturate them. You might consider addressing the moisture issue before closing in the walls otherwise you may creating an environment for mold.

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