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    Default sheet rock cracks

    Do vertical crack's above doors or below window's nessasarily mean foundation trouble? I've been under the house and can't find any cracks in the foundation.

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    Default Re: sheet rock cracks

    I am a plaster but my opinion would be the board joints align with the frame opening studs.

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    Default Re: sheet rock cracks

    painters trick white silicon caulk in the crack and paint the area . The caulk gives a little. Also a spray crack repair works quite well too. Consider removing all the walls fasteners in the drywall within 7 " of the ceiling and allow the wall to float might also correct the area.

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    Default Re: sheet rock cracks

    Seams from wall board is definatlely one possibilty.
    Windows and door openings are more prone to stress cracks from movement.
    Regardless, if there are or are no seams , something is moving to cause cracking.
    Does it mean foundation issues? Hard to say over the internet.
    There's no mention as to how old the home is or the construction type and whether or not this is drywall or plaster.. A new home will have lumber shrinkage which can cause cracks. Also a new home will undergo *settling* which causes stress cracks.
    An older home , in most cases , will have done it's settling but structural deficiencies can cause movement.
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