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    Default T-11 Siding and Decking

    I have a home with T-11 Siding...this is like a plywood with 1 inch groves in like panelling.

    The deck board but up to this siding, and I have found out that it has rotted out, and I will have to replace the siding that come in 4X8 sheets..but after I get that done, how do I keep this from happening again? what happens is the dirt and stuff get in the groves and then sit there and rot the wood...it was painted and such and the deck is pressure treated...


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    Default Re: T-11 Siding and Decking

    proper flashing of the deck ledger and making sure there is a air space between the siding and the deckign are mandatory so that no water that sits on the deck is absorbed up into the siding
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    Default Re: T-11 Siding and Decking

    I agree flashing will make all the difference. I have the same siding and problem and when the idiot built my deck 2 years ago, he didn't put any flashing down. Now I'm going to have to retrofit some flashing when I re-side the house in the next year or so.

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