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    Default gaps in joints of coffered ceiling

    Last winter, we had a paint grade wood coffered ceiling installed as part of our kitchen remodel. It was painted white. This year, I see that there are gaps (looks black against the white) at a number of the junctions. What caused thie, how could it have been prevented, and how can we address this issue?

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    Default Re: gaps in joints of coffered ceiling

    wood shrinks and expands with the seasons. a good caulk job should take care of it, then repaint. when it happens once, the wood is uaually adjusted to the temp and humidity of the house and should be relatively stable so taking care of the problem once usually takes care of it for good.

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    Default Re: gaps in joints of coffered ceiling

    Can't see the particulars of this install, but.......

    If this sort of result is to be avoided there is some pre-planning/engineering involved. Where two pieces (ends meeting edges or edges meeting edges) there should be either rabbets or dados milled to receive one piece into the other. This will allow those pieces of wood to contract without causing any visible cracks.

    An alternative would be to install small moldings over these areas to hide the wood movement.

    A caulk job with a quality paintable caulk may do the deed also. Caulk it while the cracks are open and visible (the wood has shrunk to its smallest seasonal dimension).

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