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    I still have some knob and tube in my house. I am trying to put in a light and found the wires in the ceiling. When I opened up the ceiling the white and black were wire nutted together. I have three switches on my wall one for an outside light by my front door, one for a light on the corner of my house and one for an outlet. When I took the wire nut off the wires in the ceiling the black became hot again however, the switch for the outlet was hot but did not work and the same for the light on the corner of my house. Is it because the balck was acting as a neutral. How do I fix the problem so I can put a light in the ceiling and all the other lights are working.

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    Reconnect it the way it was.

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    Yes it sounds like you disconnected the neutral. Wire color on old K&T wiring is sometimes very difficult to discern.
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