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    Question Tub Surround ideas

    We have a 1940s built home with the old plastic 4x4 inch tile surrounding the bathtub. There is also a window in the back of the tub. What would be the best type of surround to replace the tile with? I know the walls are not level, so some cutting will be necessary. Does anyone have any ideas??
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    Default Re: Tub Surround ideas

    this sounds like the classic "since i'm doing this and found that, i might as well do this now". meaning, once you take off the tile, you will probably find some issues with the underlayment and want to correct the unlevelness of the walls. you're probably going to be best off gutting the tub surround and tiling the walls, and while you're at it, you should replace all of the wood window trim with PVC or some other composite. fiberglass surrounds never end up looking nicely finished up against a window...tiling isn't the only option, but probably the best looking one.

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    Default bathtub redo

    I too am removing an old fiberglass tub surround and planning to tile. (no window thank goodness) I'm thinking of replacing the old tub also. I think that requires a plumber and a building permit. Does anyone have an opinion on reglazing instead?

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