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    Default Low water pressure

    After a recent bathroom remodel on our 1940's vintage house, we have very low water pressure in the kitchen (a problem that did not exist prior to the remodel). We suspect we knocked debris loose into that run of pipe during construction. We've flushed out the line, replaced the kitchen faucet and cleared the adjacent valve as best we can. Any way to fix it without replumbing?

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    Default Re: Low water pressure

    If the pipes supplying the kitchen are galvy pipes -- chances are they'll need to be replaced
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    Taking the screen from the faucet is one step to clearing the lines but I would also drop off the supply hoses and flush those valves. You'll also get to see if the problem is before the kitchen faucet or not. If the fill hoses run water quickly, then the faucet may need to be dis-assembled including the cartridge, to find the clog.

    Just this week we found a tiny ball of plumbing solder had made its way to an outside water spigot, preventing it from closing fully, getting caught in the rubber gasket seat. It happens.

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