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    The new RainPerfect™ pump system makes it easy for everyone to go green with recycling their rain water. The pump runs off of a solar rechargeable NiMH battery for operation anytime - day or night. It is easy to install, adaptable to most style rain barrels, and effectively pumps up to 100 gallons on a single charge. The RainPerfect pump and solar panel provide plenty of pressure through an ordinary garden hose. Existing electrical rain barrel pumps on the market retail for much higher, require professional installation, and don’t have great pressure to go into hose. The effective pressure from the RainPerfect pump is enough to run most low pressure sprinklers, wash a car or water just about anything around your home. With the solar panel there is no need for an electrical outlet making the RainPerfect pump ready to go anywhere anytime. By running the pump ‘off the grid,’ energy is saved and rainwater is utilized. www.rainperfectpump.com
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    PreOrder this pump from www.aquabarrel.com/rainperfect

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