My husband and recently I bought a 1952 Cape Cod recently. It has its original cedar shakes, however, they must have been painted at one time, and the paint was then removed, possibly by *****washing. You can see remains of the paint around the edges of a lot of the shakes. We're not sure when the paint was removed, but it wasn't that many years ago. What I want to know is, how can I tell if the shakes are still good, or who can I ask to check them out impartially? I'd rather just paint them again, but many of the shakes are really friable and crumble when you touch them. I'd rather not paint the house and find out in a couple of years that they need to be replaced or the house resided. The house needs plenty of work so saving money on the shakes might mean being able to do the kitchen sooner. Or fix up the screened porch.