First time poster, so apologies if this is the wrong forum... This morning, I came downstairs to find a small puddle of water below an in-ceiling speaker. I pulled out the speaker, and found that the sheetrock was damp, and that one of the adjacent joists had some moist spots on it. I couldn't get my hand in all the way, but it looked like some of the moisture started towards the exterior of the house, though one of the spots was in the middle of the joist.

I dried up the wet sheetrock with some rags, but now I'm trying to figure out where this water came from! It seems like an ice dam type of situation, but it's a first-floor ceiling, and there's no roofing or flashing near where the joist meets the outside wall.

I looked in the attic, but didn't see any signs of moisture leaking down the framing towards a joist, and (knock on wood) I haven't seen any other puddles anywhere in the house (even in the bedroom directly above the in-ceiling speaker).

Any thoughts on what's going on? We've had a ton of snow, and have huge, melting icicles hanging off the gutters and window casings, so I really am convinced there's some sort of ice dam here. Is it possible that I'd see the effect as seepage into a first-floor ceiling joist?

Many thanks in advance for your thoughts!