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    Unhappy There is no support available here, so don't bother

    I'd had my account, Sombreuil_Mongrel mysteriously blocked-- could not post, edit, reply, since late October. Every time I would attempt to reach a moderator or the Administrator, it turns out their inbox is full. And if you can't post, you are really in limbo and exile.
    So I was compelled to stay in limbo, or make a new account. That's why I'm now Sombreuil2oo
    And of course, the damnable spammers march onward, and they aren't blocked.
    So, admins, why did you block my account? I'm not a spammer; in fact, I was singled out for thanks by you guys within the first week of your coming back on-line after the month shut-down, for having reported so many spammers!

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    Default Re: There is no support available here, so don't bother

    Sadly, many of the regulars have felt the same way and have left. TOH is not actively or live moderated which becomes a big problem when the forum is inundated with spam or a problem member.
    I suffer from CDO ... Its like OCD, but in alphabetical order, LIKE IT SHOULD BE!!!

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    Default Re: There is no support available here, so don't bother

    Sombreil, so sorry for your mystery blocking. I can't say for sure what happened, as staffing has changed, but it's likely that you simply got caught in the crossfire as someone was deleting spam and banning those users. Our interface is (as you might suspect) rather antique and cumbersome. We are working to improve things, but not everything is under TOH's control, so we really appreciate your patience.

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