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    Default Deep well pump system makes loud noise

    I did a search and did not find this, If it has been addressed here and I missed it, please direct me, Thank you in advance.

    We just purchased our first home. The water is supplied by means of a well, where the pump is down in the well, The well is in the front yard and there is a big blue tank and a switch located in/under an attached shed, (located off the master bedroom) The well and the tank and switch are aprox 100 feet apart. When the pump turns on and off, it is very noisy, you can actually hear it running throughout the home. To add insult in this, it is a shared well, so if the neighbors use water in the middle of the night, we are sometimes awakened by the sound from the water system, even worse if they leave water running on a cold winter night, or their toilet doest stop running and the pump cycles every few minutes. Can anything be done to dampen the well system noise ?
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